LIZARD Health Technology GmbH

At Lizard we love
to create THINGS!

Our Product Research & Product Development focuses on medical engineering of surgical implants and related application tools.

We provide engineering services that help to turn ideas, dreams and visions into products that enable patients to live a more healthy and comfortable life.

We assist with intellectual property creation, engage in research when necessary and use state of the art equipment to get a functional prototype as quickly as possible. Once the product is designed and verified, we are able to assist in all necessary CE or FDA related approval procedures.

Another passion of Lizard is 3-Dimensional-Printing

Whether it is plastic, resin, stainless, titanium or ceramics, we have the expertise and equipment to print it. Our inhouse 3D Printing capabilities allow us the offer smaller production lots for start-projects or, if needed, assist in regular production run of whatever quantities our customer might require.

We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and will get back to you promptly.