RegenTX Partners LLC

Maximizing the Gift of Tissue Donation

At RegenTX, we are blessed with the opportunity to maximize the gift of tissue donation. Seeing ourselves as stewards of the donation that is entrusted to us, we made it our mission to advance its clinical applications.

The safety of our technologies is our main priority. Therefore, we strictly follow FDA guidelines and all applicable standards. We have developed a program to ensure the highest quality from research to bringing our products to the market.

RegenTX Partners started as a specialty birth tissue processing facility. Today, we process and manufacture a wide range of regenerative medicine products.

Our 14,000 square foot facility houses ten ISO 7 cleanrooms with the ability to quickly process and meet supply chain demands.


The development of human birth tissue allografts of the highest quality has always been at the forefront of RegenTX’s mission. Birth tissue has unique properties that may help to stimulate the body’s own healing. It possesses valuable biophysical and biochemical characteristics that may modulate various cell functions, which, on the other hand, may support wound healing and vascularization. Birth tissue may also act as a highly biocompatible natural scaffold, and is described in the literature as a material rich of serval types of stem cells, growth factors and cytokines.

Our expertise in human placental tissues, from amniotic membrane to umbilical cord, is rooted in a deep scientific understanding. Today, RegenTX offers a wide range of human amniotic membrane products.


Autologous fat transfer is a popular clinical option for supporting the patient’s adipose tissues. Adipose tissue allografts have the potential to advance patient care with an easily accessible, natural option in contrast to an expensive autologous fat transfer procedure. Additionally, recent research has further characterized adipose tissue as a complex and highly active endocrine organ.

Our ongoing research program concentrates on innovating the potential of adipose tissue as a regulatory-compliant structural allograft that supports the patient’s own adipose tissues. This program has already identified several technologies critical for the safe, effective, and responsible processing of adipose tissue.


At RegenTX, we accelerate tissue innovations of recognized treatments, which include dermal allografts. Dermis is the first line of deeper anatomical structures. It is a commonly used allograft for protection of skin wound treatment. As dermis is a dense network of tough, elastic collagen fibers, minimal manipulation of the allograft is crucial to secure its function as a barrier.

The purpose of our dermal tissue-based allografts research program is to modernize the processing methods to produce an effective and compliant allograft. It is expected to be launched in 2024.

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